Chrono Trigger Walkthrough: Ending


Chapter Title The contents of ending
The Millennial Fair Go to the Development Office of Chrono Trigger.
The Queen Returns
A Vanished Princess
Homecoming Frog marry Queen Leene and all the Guardia royal family become frogs.
The Trial
Beyond the Ruins
The Factory Ruins
The End of Time
The Village of Magic Nu and Prehistoric Frog appeared to staff roll.
The Hero Appears Tata goes to Magus's castle to defeat Magus. Crono is sitting on the throne!
Tata and the Frog Same as above.
The Rare Red Rock Staff roles protagonists starring.
Footsteps! Follow!
The Masamune! (Before Frog became a member)
Staff roles supporting role appeared.
(After Frog became a member)
After defeating Lavos, Frog alone goes to the Magus's castle to fight Magus.
Magus's Castle Same as above.
Forward to the Past It will change in the future Reptites to conquer the earth.
Unnatural Selection? Same as above.
The Magic Kingdom Magus fight Lavos in 12000 B.C. to save Schala.
Break the Seal! Magus fight Lavos in 12000 B.C. to save Schala.
The Guru on Mt. Woe Same as above.
What Lies Beyond? Same as above.
Lavos Beckons Same as above.
(When defeated in The Ocean Palace)
Go to the Development Office of Chrono Trigger.
The New King
The Time Egg Marle continue the trip in order to revive the Crono.
The Fated Hour,
The Final Battle
(Have the Epoch)
Crono's cat ran away from the house to the gate, Crono chases the cat and gets on Epoch.
(Do not have the Epoch)
Ayla, Frog, Magus, and Robo will return to their respective eras. Magus gifts a bell to Marle.


  1. First, go to Schala and Janus of room in the Zeal Palace.
  2. Since Schala is called to Zeal, chasing after that.
  3. Does not put in the Queen's room, go to the Mammon Machine of the room.
  4. Leave the room not put the energy of Mammon Machine to the pendant.
  5. Defeat Lavos.